Ling time can range form two to six weeks, depending on the severity of the injury and adherence to a good treatment plan. Restoration or proper joint motion, rehabilitative stretching and strengthening, and physical therapy are extremely effective. These treatment methods help alleviate pain, prevent tissue scarring, and return the injured area to as close to normal function as possible. An injury is less likely to heal completely with competent care. "are you tired of suffering from nagging shoulder pain? " discover how a medically proven exercise program designed by a physical therapist will finally allow you to stop relying on medications, injections and other useless remedies to eliminate your rotator cuff pain and prevent future shoulder injuries. To find out more click here when you're injured when you get injured, it's best to consult a reputable health practitioner who knows about musculoskeletal health and injuries. Receiving a specific diagnosis for you injury is important. Ask if the injury is a muscle strain or tear, a tendon pull, a ligament sprain or an irritated bursa. cheap generic viagra Don't settle for a general diagnosis, such as, "something in your hip is inflamed. " ask for specific treatment and get the name of the particular muscle, bursa or ligament involved. viagra 5 mg one a day Muscle names can be long and difficult to pronounce. viagra for the brain modalert If you're not familiar with the name your doctor gives you, have him or her write it sown so you can look it up later. order viagra What if you can't get immediate help? Remember the acronym "rice" for strains and sprains: rest the affected area and avoid further injury. Ice the area for at least 10 minutes every two to three hours to decrease pain and swelling. Compress the area with an elastic bandage or wrap to minimize swelling. Elevate the area to facilitate fluid drainage from the injured site. Ice versus heat determine whether to use ice versus heat by keeping in mind the condition of the involved tissues. Ice. Ice numbs the area, reducing pain. It also constricts blood vessels, limiting blood supply to the injured site. This action decreases swelling. Ice can also decrease muscle spasms. how much does viagra cost in ireland If an area is painful to move or swells after exercise, use ice. The best way to use ice is to apply a pack to the painful area for approximately 15 minutes every two hours following an injury. For general irritation, use an ice pack two or three times a day. If the cold is too intense, use a towel between the ice pack and your skin. Heat. If an injury is in a more advanced stage of healing "usually after four or five days" heat is recommended. viagra online without prescription Again, keep in mind what heat does to an area. Heat increases local blood supply, bringing healing cells to the area and potentially relaxing tight muscles. generic viagra online Use moist, hot towels or microwavable hea. buy viagra cheap